When You Have Urgent Updates to Communicate with Your Employees, Make Sure ALL of Them Can Understand You

What a difference a month makes. At Capeesh, our mission has always been to improve work for everyone working in a non-native language. Until a few weeks ago, we did this by delivering customized, app-based language learning lessons. Today, the needs for communication across the language barrier in the workplace look very different.

With the Covid-19 situation changing by the day, organizations need to communicate unprecedented changes in policies, schedules, payroll, and health and safety regulations to all their employees. Time-sensitive, accurate messaging is more critical than ever, and it’s never been more important that everyone understands, regardless of their native language.

Our clients began asking if we could help. Having delivered language instruction to native speakers of dozens of languages, HR departments began to ask if we could deliver urgent messages to them in their native languages as well. So we’re launching Capeesh Announcements, to translate and distribute messages directly to employees in their native language.

Let me give you an example: Julie is the Director of HR at a widget factory in the US. Half of Julie’s employees speak English. Of the half that doesn’t, most speak Spanish, but there are also a few speakers of languages like Russian, Arabic, Hindi, Tagalog, and Somali. Julie and her leadership team have just made the decision to close the plant for one day to install extra handwashing and waste disposal facilities. She needs to announce the plant closing to her employees, as well as communicate changes to hand washing and waste disposal practices. Additionally, her CEO has written an email to employees, updating them on the state of the company.Enter your text here...

Employees receive announcements in their native language

With Capeesh Announcements, Julie can make sure the notice of the closure, the company’s policy change, and her CEO’s message, will be delivered to the phones of all her employees, in all the necessary languages, on a timetable of her choosing. Additionally, if Julie needs confirmation that her employees have received and understood the messages, Capeesh Announcements can ask for confirmation of receipt.

Our goal is to help companies communicate effectively with all their employees, not just fluent speakers of the dominant language.