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New employees training on safety and sanitation procedures

Whether your employees are working virtually from home or they’re still coming to work every day, your learning needs have changed dramatically in recent weeks. Working with our Norwegian clients in essential services like medicine, supermarkets, and pharmacies, we’ve heard they urgently need to train their employees in the new skills that these conditions require. And they don’t just need to train existing employees, but they also need to train new employees, hired both to meet increased demand and to replace employees lost to sick or family leave.

To help them train their non-native Norwegian speakers, Capeesh has created a set of courses that we’re making available to everyone for free: courses about up-to-the-moment topics that employees need to know about, from personal hygiene requirements to new health and safety regulations.

Amy, for example, is an HR manager for a chain of pharmacies. She’s seeing more customers than ever in her stores. Not only that, but she needs extra staff on any given shift to help with additional sanitation procedures. Compounding her challenge, some of her employees have self-quarantined with flu-like symptoms or have taken leave to care for ill family members. Health and Safety Regulations require all new employees to take various courses, but changing regulations mean that pre-existing courses won’t do, and immigrant employees with limited Norwegian can’t simply read new websites or posters.  

With the Capeesh app on their phones, new immigrant employees can learn the critical terms and procedures in both their native language and Norwegian. And Capeesh can support all immigrant employees: whether they speak major languages like Arabic or Russian, or minor languages like Tigrinya or Pashtun, app users will get support in their mother tongue.  These employees will arrive at work already able to follow new regulations and communicate with their colleagues. This helps Amy onboard new employees and ensure she's compliant with new regulations.

If your circumstances are like Amy’s--or if you’re outside of Norway and would like these courses in English, German, French or many other languages--let us know. Whether you’re onboarding new non-Norwegian speaking employees to replace those you’re losing to sick or family leave, or you’re training home-bound employees for the time when you reopen and employees need to be informed about the new regulations, now is the time to offer app-based training so employees can be prepared to do their job anywhere, anytime, and in any language.

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