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Language learning tailored for every business and university.

Every language learner has different needs. Someone working at an investment bank will have different language learning needs to a waiter. A medical doctor will use different parts of the language to a Civil Engineering student.

Capeesh offers language learning courses that are automatically tailored to each employee, student and individual’s unique language needs.

Working as an investment banker in London?

Capeesh understands the English you need to learn in order to be able to thrive and succeed in the world of investment banking and the financial sector.

Working in a Spanish restaurant?

Capeesh teaches you the language you need to be able to communicate and express yourself confidently working in a restaurant and serving customers.

Studying Modern Art in France?

Capeesh teaches you the essential French vocabulary and content to enable you to be able to contribute to discussions at school, and feel confident in your studies.

Whatever your profession or studies, Capeesh understands what you need to learn, and how to learn it quickly and enjoyably to help you become a productive and confident employee or student.

Capeesh currently teaches English 🇺🇸🇬🇧 Spanish 🇪🇸 French 🇫🇷 German 🇩🇪 and Norwegian 🇳🇴, with more being added all the time.

Built by a team of dedicated linguists and video game designers. At Capeesh we are passionate about making language learning both effective and fun! We have combined the efforts of highly regarded linguists, language experts and video games designers, in order to not only teach you the language you need to be effective professionally and at college, but also teach you in a way that you absolutely love and want to continue using.

Create automatically tailored language courses in seconds

Capeesh makes it incredibly simple to create a language course tailored to your needs, or the needs of your employees or students. A language course can be created for any job role, industry, or even just to prepare for an upcoming conference abroad that you or your employees are attending.

Perfect for companies, from multinationals to local businesses

People are working abroad in ever-increasing numbers.

Whether you are a large multinational company with offices in different countries, or a local business hiring foreign, talented workers, understanding the language used in your company is crucial for maintaining productivity, effective communication and happy workers.

Capeesh ensures that your company’s employees can understand each other and the company, and express themselves confidently.

Simply using Capeesh a few minutes each day enables your employees to learn the language used in your business and industry and become productive in the workplace much more quickly. This saves your business the pain of having unproductive employees who struggle to contribute fully for many months or even longer.

Capeesh for Schools and Universities

Effective communication is essential when studying abroad. Even though your foreign students have learned the language they need to begin at university, the language used within their degree subject will almost certainly contain content which is challenging for them, particularly in the first year or two.

With Capeesh, each and every degree subject taught at your university can have its own tailored language course, which teaches the students the language they will need specifically for that course.

For example, a Computer Science student studying at your university can have a Capeesh course that specifically teaches them the language they need to understand the content of their field of study, express themselves more easily in class.

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