Language learning tailored to your students

Capeesh uses innovative AI to create smart language learning courses from any digital source or material. Designed by a team of award-winning game designers, teachers, and linguists, Capeesh offers a unique tool for adaptive and individual learning for all students and teachers.

Create courses on absolutely any topic – in seconds!

Create absolutely any, and as many, courses you desire! Capeesh turns any digital text into vocabulary-based learning courses, from a single page in your textbook to the whole book, or any document or webpage, or any combination of source materials that you decide! Do it yourself with our fast and easy to use admin tool or let us do it for you!

Iselin Aske

CEO, of Abdi&Aske

What is so special with Capeesh is that our language school can receive tailored and game-based language courses based upon our own teaching materials! And it is so much fun! The students practice all on their own and enjoy the autonomous learning journey!

Capeesh as Flipped classroom, homework, repetition or just for fun!

Use Capeesh the way that fits your students. Endless opportunities for tailoring and adaptive learning courses mean that you can use it before, during class or after class. Use it to review or prepare for a test, as an extra challenge, as a reward or just for fun. Use it to let students learn language in the topics they need and the topics that interest them.

Core language courses from A1 to B2 levels

In addition to topic-related courses, Capeesh comes complete with basic courses that teach the vocabulary used in the Common European Framework levels A1, A2, B1 and B2.

Embrace multilingualism

No matter what language you are teaching, Capeesh language courses offer support for over 20 different mother tongues.

Track student progression

Capeesh offers full student tracking. Follow students’ progression, time spent, success rate and interactions.

Individually adapted difficulty levels

Capeesh automatically and continuously tailors language courses based on individual skills. Each learner will always be challenged at the right level.

Andrea Nogva

CEO of InnovArena

We use Capeesh to facilitate access to qualified labour. This helps us reach our growth ambitions in the whole ocean industry

Language learning made simple.


  • A beautiful, gamified learning experience
  • Designed by award-winning game designers
  • Made by experienced teachers and linguists
  • Language courses for any subject
  • Fun and interactive app challenges
  • A1-B2 vocabulary course package
  • Pronunciation lessons
  • Create courses with your own content
  • Student progress reports
  • Full course creation support
  • Full training for your staff
  • Full telephone and email support
  • Onboarding Service
  • Transferable Accesses

Winner Smart Learning 2017

Winner - Norway 2019

Winner - Norway 2019

Language learning made simple.

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