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You can reset your password either by clicking “reset my password” og the login screen or by resetting your password in the settings menu inside the app.

If you click on “reset my password” in the login screen, then you will receive an automatic email with a PIN-code that can be used to log in to the app, where you can reset your password. You shall also receive a confirmation in the app that a PIN-code has been sent to your email. If you should have trouble receiving the PIN-code email from Capeesh, please make check your spam filter or all emails to find the correct email. We suggest that you mark all emails form Capeesh as “safe email” to ensure that you receive important emails directly in your inbox.

If you are already logged in to the app, then you can go to settings to reset your password. Simply type in your new preferred password and click “save”. Remember that a capeesh password needs to be minimum 7 characters long.

To log in as an administrator you need to go to the website Here you will be able to log in with the same username (email) and password as you have used previously when logging in to the Capeesh app. 

If you are new to Capeesh, then you should choose the tab “Register”.  You can activate your new user here by entering your email and registering a password (minimum 7 characters long).

If you are not able to log in with the two steps mentioned above, this may be because your licence is registered to a different email than the one you have entered. Please contact us to see if this is the case and we will make sure to help you onboard.

You can see the number of available active licenses by logging in to If you want to add additional licenses, please contact sales or call the phone number provided in the admin portal. When requesting additional licenses, please remember to confirm your company organization number and the number of licenses you wish to wish to add.

Your employer/company needs to purchase a company license in order for employees/learners to access Capeesh. Several companies and organizations have made Capeesh available for their employees. If your company is using Capeesh, then you will receive a personal license from your company.

If you think your company would benefit from Capeesh, please let us know and we can help you convince your manager.

To get started with Capeesh you need to receive an invitation from your employer or organization to download and use Capeesh. The invitation email will state your username (email) and provide you with instructions on how to download and sign up with Capeesh.

You can download the Capeesh Language Learning app on any smartphone or tablet from either the App Store or Google Play. When you open the app you can choose between multiple instruction languages. To sign in you enter your email address (the same address as the one stated in the invitation email). You also need to create a password (minimum 7 characters long). The password can be changed later on in the settings menu inside the app.

Before you can activate your license you need to accept that you have read and understood our privacy statement.

And then you are ready to start your learning journey!

With Capeesh it is fully possible combine existing workplace training with language learning. In order to do this you will need a Workplace Trainer license for your employees. 

This licence includes a redesign of your existing workplace training material into a variation of interactive lessons in Capeesh that teach both workplace skills and language skills in combination. This enable you to certify employees in crucial workplace skills, such as company compliance and HSE, whilst enabling your employees to speak proficiently. Our learning consultants will help you design interactive role plays adapted to realistic workplace scenarios in order to fully immerse your employees in the training needed.

A Capeesh licence is paid upfront and is valid for 12 months. The licence will automatically renew after one year. The subscription can be ended at any time during these 12 months.

Capeesh will never charge any fees unless explicitly stated in a written offer that is accepted by the client. Sometimes companies may ask for new display languages or additional content creation help. In these instances, Capeesh will always send a quote for the price of additional value provided so that the company can make a decision to buy or not.

While using the service, Capeesh does collect and process certain personal data. Further details are outlined in Capeesh’s privacy statement.

Processing of personal data on your employer’s behalf:

Since your participation in the language course / workplace training course takes place within the framework of your employment relationship, your employer shall receive reports about your attendance at Capeesh courses regularly. Capeesh thereby merely acts as a processor on behalf of your employer: such reports will not be used by Capeesh, nor transferred to third parties. Please find out further details in the attached privacy statement for Capeesh for business users.