Buying and item support Tom April 20, 2022
Data Buying and item support
If you would like to help your employees or students learn a new language, then you will need Capeesh Professional License.We offer a range of languages, both language courses that has been developed by our professional didactics team, and language courses that we provide together with our partner Babbel GmbH.
With Capeesh it is fully possible combine existing workplace training with language learning. In order to do this you will need a Workplace Trainer license for your employees.This licence includes a redesign of your existing workplace training material into a variation of interactive lessons in Capeesh that teach both workplace skills and language skills in combination. This enable you to certify employees in crucial workplace skills, such as company compliance and HSE, whilst enabling your employees to speak proficiently. Our learning consultants will help you design interactive role plays adapted to realistic workplace scenarios in order to fully immerse your employees in the training needed.
You can add as many business administration users as you wish to Capeesh for free. A business administrator user will be able to log in to the admin portal in order to extract and review reports on user progress. An administration does not have an active licence to the Capeesh self-study app.Adding new administration users to Capeesh means that these users will have access to review and download reports on user data within the organization.
Yes, this is possible. Please contact our support team and we will set up a meeting to onboard the educators to our platform.