Getting started Tom April 20, 2022
Getting started

To get started with Capeesh you need to receive an invitation from your employer or organization to download and use Capeesh. The invitation email will state your username (email) and provide you with instructions on how to download and sign up with Capeesh.

You can download the Capeesh Language Learning app on any smartphone or tablet from either the App Store or Google Play. When you open the app you can choose between multiple instruction languages. To sign in you enter your email address (the same address as the one stated in the invitation email). You also need to create a password (minimum 7 characters long). The password can be changed later on in the settings menu inside the app.

Before you can activate your license you need to accept that you have read and understood our privacy statement.

And there – you are ready to start your learning journey!

Your employer/company needs to purchase a company license in order for employees/learners to access Capeesh. Several companies and organizations have made Capeesh available for their employees. If your company is using Capeesh, then you will receive a personal license from your company.

If you think your company would benefit from Capeesh, please let us know at [email protected], and we can help you convince your manager.

Yes, as long as your employer or organization has activated a Capeesh licence on your email, you don’t need an invitation email to log in. If you struggle to find your email, it may be that the invitation email has been placed in the spam folder. If so, then you can look for an email sent from [email protected] and mark this email as “safe”. This will ensure that important emails from Capeesh appears in your inbox in the future.

If you did not receive an invitation email from Capeesh, it could be because a) the email has been placed in the spam folder in your email client, or b) your employer / organization misspelled your email when activating your license.

If you think the latter may be the cause, please contact our support team and we will make sure that we activate the licence on your correct email address.

If you receive a message saying that we cannot find any user with that username, the most common cause is that you have entered your email incorrectly. If you believe this can be the case, please review the email in the input field in the app and try to register again.

If you are sure that the email is entered correctly, then it may be that your employer / organization has activated the licence on an email address that has been spelled incorrectly. If so, please contact our support team and we will help you fix this.

A third reason could be that your company does not have any active licences due to either not having purchased Capeesh or due to a deactivation of licences, and that your user has been deactivated by your employer / organization.