Help center Tom April 20, 2022
Help center
Sounds, music and vibrations can be turned on/off in the settings menu in the self-study app.
If no sound comes from the app, the most usual reason is that the physical volume button on the smartphone is turned off. Please check that all physical buttons are turned on.

You can reset your password either by clicking “reset my password” og the login screen or by resetting your password in the settings menu inside the app.

If you click on “reset my password” in the login screen, then you will receive an automatic email from [email protected] with a PIN-code that can be used to log in to the app, where you can reset your password. You shall also receive a confirmation in the app that a PIN-code has been sent to your email. If you should have trouble receiving the PIN-code email from Capeesh, please make check your spam filter or all emails to find the correct email. We suggest that you mark all emails form Capeesh as “safe email” to ensure that you receive important emails directly in your inbox.

If you are already logged in to the app, then you can go to settings to reset your password. Simply type in your new preferred password and click “save”. Remember that a capeesh password needs to be minimum 7 characters long.

To log in as an administrator you need to go to the website Here you will be able to log in with the same username (email) and password as you have used previously when logging in to the Capeesh app. 

If you are new to Capeesh, then you should choose the tab “Register”.  You can activate your new user here by entering your email and registering a password (minimum 7 characters long).

If you are not able to log in with the two steps mentioned above, this may be because your licence is registered to a different email than the one you have entered. Please contact us at [email protected], to see if this is the case and we will make sure to help you onboard.

To change your leaning language you can click on the flag at the top left in the main menu in the app. (E.g. Norwegian -> Polish)
You can change the app instruction language by going to the settings menu in the app. You will be able to change this under “App Language”.
If you experience that your bluetooth headset disconnects from the app, the you can try to restart the app by closing and re-opening the app.
“(lit.)” sometimes appears in the instructions/translations and is short for “literally”. Sometimes a correct translation may differ a bit from the literal translation and we provide you with both so that you can compare.
If your app does not work as expected, please contact our support team or help desk and we will help you resolve the problem as fast as possible.