Language Training tailored to your company

We teach your foreign employees the language they need to be happy and productive at your company.

Your employees receive a gamified language course tailored for your company's needs. It helps your staff to express themselves, understand colleagues and confidently talk to customers.

  • Teaches the vocational language of your business
  • Increase employee retention
  • Reduce health & safety risks caused by poor communication
  • Integrate language minorities into your company
  • Reduce the costs of employee language training

Andrea Nogva

CEO of InnovArena - Their employees use Capeesh to learn workplace Norwegian.

We use Capeesh to facilitate access to qualified labour. This helps us reach our growth ambitions in the whole ocean industry

Why Innovative Companies Use Capeesh

Rather than provide one generic language course for everyone, we create a corporate language training course that is tailored just for your company and for every aspect of your employee’s workday. This means your employees will be taught the essential language for their roles at your company.

Our gamified language courses can even be based on your own employee manuals or workplace documentation.

Through our unique and personalized approach, your employees learn the language they will hear, speak and read at work. This helps to promote your company culture throughout your organization.

Your employees study work-relevant language on their phones and at their convenience. What's more, employees tend to use their Capeesh language training app in their own time, freeing up their busy workdays.

Increase employee retention

Capeesh encourages your foreign employees and their colleagues to get talking! This helps them to feel like a valued part of your company and banish any feelings of loneliness.

What’s more, your foreign staff become fully immersed in your company culture

Integrate language minorities into your company

Training your employees using tailored and vocational language reduces the time needed to become productive at work. 

We ensure your employees learn the right mix of language to help them feel confident and productive at work.

Reduce costs of language training

Your staff use their tailored language app when it fits best for them.

This saves your company precious time: Rather than taking people away from their jobs and having to schedule costly language lessons, your staff can use Capeesh anytime and anywhere. 

In fact, many employees regularly use Capeesh at home in the evenings and at weekends.

Reduce health & safety risks 

If you’re looking for help with the health and safety of your foreign employees we would love to show you how. 

Accidents at work can happen, but if you do not understand the work language your colleagues are using, then accidents are much more likely to occur. 

These workplace accidents can cost your business huge amounts of money. Yet they can often be avoided simply by making sure that all of your staff can understand each other and communicate well. 

For your foreign staff who have never been taught the language of your workplace, this is a real challenge.

We create language training courses that reduce this risk. We can make a language course based on your own employee manuals or workplace documentation. This means your foreign employees are taught using precisely the language they will hear and use in your workplace.

We call this a targeted language intervention - teaching the language of your workplace.

When your foreign employees have completed their Capeesh language training course, they will feel confident at work, be able to understand their colleagues and your company’s documentation, minimising the risk of accidents happening. 

We would love to show you how this would look for your company. Get your free demo now by clicking below and discover the easy way to save money and have a safer workplace.

Improve language minority health and safety

Core language courses from A1 to B2 levels

As well as providing your employees with courses tailored to your company, Capeesh comes complete with basic courses that teach the vocabulary used in the Common European Framework levels A1, A2, B1, and B2.

We teach business English and business Norwegian and many other language

Courses for every difficulty level

We tailor every language course based on each employee's individual skill and experience level.  This means that regardless of prior experience, the language difficulty and content taught is always at the perfect level.

Employees learning Norwegian

Get your employees talking

Often, language minorities lack the confidence to actively use their new language in the workplace. For this reason we encourage your employees of different language backgrounds to get talking at work!

Capeesh encourages colleagues to get talking in your company's language and about your company's stuff. This really helps your staff to get to know each other better, professionally but also socially.

Iselin Aske

CEO, of Abdi&Aske - Her employees learn Norwegian.

What is so special with Capeesh is that our language school can receive tailored and game-based language courses based upon our own teaching materials! And it is so much fun! The students practice all on their own and enjoy the autonomous learning journey!

Learn Norwegian, learn English.

We offer gamified language courses for many different languages. Whether your employees need to learn Norwegian or learn English, or another language, we can create a personalized language course just for your needs.

Our corporate language training app provides:

  • Digital language training courses for each area your company works in
  • Fun app challenges to practice work-related language
  •  A beautiful, gamified learning app made by award-winning game designers
  • Learning process designed by experienced teachers and linguists
  • Your company logo within the app
  • A1-B2 vocabulary course package
  • Employee pronunciation lessons
  • Comprehensive employee progress reporting
  • Support for over 20 mother tongues, from English to Polish to Arabic
  • Full Capeesh app training for your staff
  • Full telephone and email support
  • Onboarding Service
  • Transferable Licenses
  • Suitable for Learning English, Norwegian and many other languages

Winner European Union Smart Learning 2017

Winner for helping language minorities speak Norwegian

Winner - Norway 2019

Creative Cup winner for Norwegian language learning app

Winner - Norway 2019

P.S. 5 Reasons to try Capeesh now:

  • 1. You can try a demo of Capeesh tailored to your company completely free of charge. 
  • 2. We help language learners from all backgrounds. From French, Polish and Lithuanian, to Arabic, Somali and Mandarin. 
  • 3.  Award-Winning. We have won multiple awards for helping to transform foreign staff in companies just like yours.
  • 4.  Our approach significantly reduces the cost of corporate language training.
  • 5.  You will see how Capeesh can help your foreign employees pass workplace exams with flying colors.