Vocational Norwegian courses for minority language students Tom April 18, 2022
Minority language students who learn Norwegian

Vocational Norwegian courses for minority language students

Capeesh is a gamified Norwegian app designed to teach your students Norwegian for the school curriculum and for vocational jobs and programmes.

We offer each Norwegian course in over 35 mother tongues from across the world. This means that each student in your class receives a Norwegian course that is designed just for their mother tongue, boosting inclusivity and motivation.

Capeesh has been designed with love in Norway by renowned Norwegian teachers together with game designers.


Helping language minorities into the world of work

Capeesh offers Norwegian courses that are designed to help your students prepare for work in their desired profession. We offer Norwegian courses for a huge number of different job roles and industries. Some examples are aquaculture, healthcare, construction, retail, security and countless more.

This means that alongside learning the Norwegian needed for class, your students can learn and practice the Norwegian needed for work, no matter where they are aiming to work.

Two people looking at the reporting functionality inside the admin panel
Displays 24 flags from 24 minority language speakers

Inclusive learning for students from every background

We are passionate about inclusivity. Capeesh supports learning Norwegian from over 35 mother tongues from all over the world. This means that each of your students receives a Norwegian course tailored for their mother tongue language, no matter what that language is. This helps them to learn Norwegian without having to first understand English.

Each Norwegian course supports mother tongue languages including English, Arabic, Polish, Somali, French, Tigrinya, Amharic, Lithuanian and many more.


Designed by Norwegian teachers

Capeesh uses innovative AI to create smart language learning courses from any digital source or material. Designed by a team of award-winning game designers, teachers, and linguists, Capeesh offers a unique tool for adaptive and individual learning for all students and teachers.
A man holds a phone while using the Capeesh app
With instructions in over 30 native languages
Example of Capeesh app screen

What does Capeesh contain?

  • A beautiful, gamified learning experience
  • Norwegian language courses for over 35 minority languages
  • Norwegian language courses for many curriculum and vocational professions
  • Made in Norway by experienced teachers, linguists and game designers
  • Fun and interactive app challenges
  • A1-B2 vocabulary course package
  • Student progress reports
  • Full training for your staff
  • Full telephone and email support

Client & Partner Testimonials

We use Capeesh to train our employees in company critical language and situations that appear at Norsk Kylling. We have received great feedback from our employees. This is crucial, because language misunderstandings can cause fatal consequences in production.

It is easier to be a good colleague if you speak a language that both understand.

I experience that our participants that practice with Capeesh frequently quickly improve their language skills. We receive great feedback from our participants and they also recommend the self-study app to their friends.

The biggest achievement is when we see that participants are able to get a job after having studied with Capeesh for only a few months.

David Anderson babbel
Our partnership with Capeesh has allowed us to unlock new B2B opportunities on two fronts: firstly, by allowing us to localise our existing conversational and business language courses into display languages not supported by the Babbel app. Secondly, we’ve been able to combine our expertise in language learning with Capeesh’s ability to deliver fully customisable, company-specific workforce training.

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