Send free corona announcements to your foreign employees in their native language. Easily, quickly and accurately.

During the corona crisis, we have heard the same request over and over again:

"Please help us to communicate with our foreign employees and ensure they fully understand the latest situation."

Based on this, we have created Capeesh Announcements.

In the Covid-19 crisis it is probably very confusing for language minorities in your workplace. You are likely wanting to update your staff day-by-day as the latest rules and information in your company change. 

Your staff need absolute clarity about what to do and when to do it. Struggling to understand the local language fully makes this a very stressful and uncertain period for foreign staff.

If language minority staff do not understand the latest information and guidelines they cannot comply with them. You might find yourself in a tough spot; incredibly busy yet having to deliver urgent messages across many languages, with the safety and wellbeing of your staff and customers at stake.

Our customers made it clear that it is not an option to hire translators each time they have a corona update. They would have to translate each message as it happens. Even then they would still need to ensure the correct translations were sent to the correct employees.

This would take a huge amount of time and be very expensive. 

Please help us to communicate with our foreign employees and ensure they fully understand the latest situation.

For the past three years, we have helped companies to communicate with their foreign employees. We've helped grocery stores, universities, refugee centers and many more to offer training and communication support for their foreign workers and members.

We have used our proprietary AI and human experts to translate and teach 120,000 words and sentences in more than 20 languages to workers and refugees from all corners of the globe. Their employees have solved over 33,000 language tests. We have created over 500 bespoke language courses for our customers, translating content between languages spoken across every part of the world.

Which brings me back to the Corona crisis and the plea from our customers: Please help us to communicate with our foreign employees and ensure they fully understand the latest situation.

Introducing Capeesh Announcements.

Employees receive your Corona message in their native language

Send your important messages to your staff in their native languages.

With Capeesh Announcements, you can get each important corona announcement or update straight to your foreign employees in their native languages. We professionally translate your announcements to as many languages as you need, including English, Arabic, Tigrinya, Polish and over 100 other languages from across the world.

This enables you to communicate with your staff professionally and clearly in a way that is affordable. 

To use Announcements, you just write your announcement like you already do. We translate it into every language your employees need, and send it directly to their phones via SMS or email.

Each of your employees receives your important announcements in their native language. Your staff feel reassured that they understand what is happening. You feel reassured that you have done everything you can to ensure all staff are looked after and informed. 

Whenever the corona situation changes, you can easily send your employees the latest information and be sure that they understand it.

Our Capeesh Announcements service also allows your staff to click a button in the message to show you that they have received and understood the announcement. You can view this in a report.

You can even schedule when you wish the announcement to be sent, in case timing is particularly important.

How does it work?


Type or paste the email addresses or phone numbers of your employees. You can also import them. We are GDPR-compliant.


Write your workplace announcement just like you already do. For instance:

“New important guidelines for shop workers - If any of your household has experienced Corona-related symptoms such as a persistent cough or a fever in the past 7 days, please stay home and call your shop manager.”


Our professional translators will translate your announcement into every language your employees need.


Your employee receives the message via SMS or Email in their native language.


You receive a report showing how many of your employees read and understood you message.

Send Covid-19 updates to your staff

How do we know which languages to translate into?

The first time you use Capeesh Announcements, your employees will receive an SMS or email asking them to choose which language they wish to receive your corona announcements in.

We use this information to make sure none of your staff are left behind and each receives your important announcements in a language they understand. From then on, each of your employees will receive the translation in their preferred language.

Can I see a report of which employees have read each announcement? 

Absolutely. We realise it is important to see which of your employees read and understood your message. Each announcement includes a button which your staff can click on to show that they have read and understood it. You can view a report at any time which shows how many of your staff have read and understood each announcement.

Limited supply

We have created Announcements based on our customers’ requests in this unprecedented and crazy period of time. We don’t want to serve more customers than we can deal with, so we will be limiting the number of companies we support for the time being, first come first served.

Professional Translators

It is important that the translations of your messages are of high quality and accuracy. That's why we use a team of professional translators. No computer translations.

Ensure everyone in your organization receives and understands your important updates.
  • Translates your company announcements into every language needed for your employees
  • Sends the translated announcements directly to your employees in their native language
  • Save huge amounts of time and ensure your language minorities understand your important messaging
  • Translations completed by our team of human translators to ensure accuracy
  • Receive reports showing how many of your employees have read and understood each announcement
  • Look after your most isolated employees regardless of where they are from
  • Messages sent to your employees via company email, SMS or the Announcements app

The pandemic is affecting people everywhere. We must reach them in the languages which resonate most.

World Health Organization - March 27th 2020