Capeesh Companion App:
Build a More Inclusive Workplace

If you have employees with limited English, you’re probably already aware of the challenges they can face in the workplace.

It can be a struggle to get to know their colleagues. On the job collaboration can be intimidating, and developing working relationships is hard without a shared language. No wonder foreign-born employees leave more frequently than your native English speakers.

Knowing the language is one challenge but also having the confidence and encouragement to actually speak it at work is another.

You’ll never know what talented and hard working individuals you’re losing, or what skills they could have brought to the workplace. Indeed, all your efforts to be a more diverse and inclusive workplace fall flat if the language barrier can't be overcome.

How can an app solve this? It can’t. Not unless it's an app that encourages and supports real conversations in the real world between your employees. That is why we built the Capeesh Companion app.

Designed specifically to overcome barriers to success in the workplace

The Capeesh Companion app includes fun and varied ways for your employees to learn the English they need to succeed at work.

But most importantly, it’s designed specifically to encourage all of your employees to talk together and to get social with your limited English speakers, improving wellbeing, companionship and cross-cultural communication skills.  With the Companion App, you can build the diverse and inclusive workplace, where all employees can be engaged and successful.

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Inclusive Learning - Coworkers are notified when their English learning colleagues have learnt a word. They can then practice using this word together at work.