Teaching the skills of the future

We believe that language and the ability to communicate with everyone in the workplace is one of the most important skills of the future. It enables each individual to unlock their potential, advance their career and provide real value to their employers and customers.

The world needs people communicating, talking and understanding each other. That is our passion: Making the world a better place by helping people talk confidently and effectively. That's why we create language courses that are as unique as each workplace.

We love to get people talking

We believe that every learner brings something unique to the conversation. Our backgrounds range from game design, linguistics, teaching and education management. We embrace diversity and believe it is a key to success, both for us and for our customers. Our combined experience has made us attentive and capable of knowing the unique learning needs of our users, and our cutting-edge research and a lifelong passion for learning is the heart and soul of Capeesh. 

Combining fun and smart ways of learning

We love to combine groundbreaking technology with game design theory and effective language learning techniques in order to provide the most intelligent and fun language training. Capeesh is all about learning efficiently, which means learning that is also fun and rewarding in itself. 

Our office locations

As a company, we pride ourselves on equality, openness and opportunity for all. We believe strongly in these values, both in terms of our relationship with our customers and our internal company culture.

Also, we love skiing!


Oslo is the fastest growing major city in all of Europe and has also been named the 2019 European Green Capital. A bustling start-up community, combined with a strong focus on innovative solutions and sustainable development, makes Oslo one of the most exciting cities to be based in and a perfect location for Capeesh.


Trondheim is home to the largest university in Norway, NTNU. Its tech and engineering-based profile is the backbone of Norwegian engineering successes.

As former capital of Norway, the city of Trondheim is home to one of the largest cathedrals in Northern Europe, and in the middle of the city centre you will find Capeesh’s brand new office.