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 Create engaging and game-based training in minutes  💫


Capeesh Create is a revolutionary tool that, with the help of AI, makes it very easy to create engaging, interactive and educational courses for your employees.

Now you can take your new or existing training, whatever it is, and turn it into an engaging, game-based course, in just a few minutes. The course can be made in any language the employees speak.

With the help of an interactive app, you train employees in an inclusive and safe way, and allow them to access the training anywhere and at any time.

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Experience the magic of adopting Capeesh in your organisation

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Do you want to become a pilot customer?

Do you want to adopt the authoring tool Create early and get a head start on the competition? We now offer you Create with an unlimited number of free user licenses for a year, on the condition that the users are registered before the New Year.

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Capeesh Create is:

  • Easy to use
  • Saves time
  • Engaging and fun
  • Pedagogical

You receive easy-to-read and comprehensive reporting that shows the candidates' progress, so you know with certainty that your training is effective.


Full insight in progression

We deliver full reporting that can be used to follow-up the individual employee, but also larger groups and organisations. The reporting you receive from us will include:

  • Overview of candidates who actively train with the app and time spent inside the app last week, last four weeks, and since launch.
  • Which courses the candidates have practiced, carried out, and mastered. 
  • Languages  the employees have received instructions in.
  • Anonymised reports showing when and how often the candidates have practiced with Capeesh.

Loved by our customers and partners

We are a proud supplier to a range of private and public companies in Norway and Europe.

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I find that participants who train with Capeesh often improve their Norwegian language fluency quickly. We receive very good feedback from our participants and several of them have also recommended the app to their friends. The best part is when we see that the candidates are able to get a job after training regularly with Capeesh for just a few months.

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Roger Thunberg
Jobbveileder, NAV Holmestrand
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We use Capeesh to train our employees in company critical language and work situations that occur in Norsk Kylling. We have received very good feedback from our employees and this is absolutely crucial because linguistic misunderstandings can lead to critical consequences in our production. It is much easier to be a good colleague if we speak a language that everyone knows.

Kristine Lund (Hr rådgiver Norsk Kylling)
Kristine Lund
HR rådgiver, Norsk Kylling
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Our partnership with Capeesh has allowed us to unlock new B2B opportunities on two fronts: firstly, by allowing us to localise our existing conversational and business language courses into display languages not supported by the Babbel app. Secondly, we’ve been able to combine our expertise in language learning with Capeesh’s ability to deliver fully customisable, company-specific workforce training.

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David Anderson
Director of B2B Sales, EMEA, Babbel