Job Training and Language Teaching for your workforce.

Tailored training for language minority employees across your organization.

We create gamified digital training courses designed for your organization's language minority speakers. Each course provides workplace training crafted for your organization, bridged with language learning where needed. 

No matter your industry or the roles of your multicultural workforce, we build training courses which include gamified simulations of your employees' daily tasks, onboarding training and health and safety lessons. Your employees receive conversational role plays to help them gain confidence speaking in a realistic setting. 

Whether it's checking in a hotel guest in German, using a machine safely in your factory or speaking to a member of the community, we create simulations of each task which trains your employees on the language needed and how to perform workplace tasks effectively.

  • Train your employees with role plays and simulations of workplace tasks
  • Help every worker master the language skills tied to their job role
  • Transform your difficult training tasks into fun and gamified experiences 
  • Improve language skills with full lessons from complete beginner to advanced level
  • Help your employees prepare for vocational exams
  • Learn the languages spoken in your local community or in other organizations
  • Effectively onboard your new employees 
  • Create a safer workplace by ensuring your employees understand critical information

Meat processing factory employee:  Lithuanian speaker trains on a simulation of a workplace machine breaking down.  

A Fire department paramedic learning to speak to Spanish-speaking accident victims.

Arabic speaker learning English for use in the restaurant.

Restaurant chain employee: A limited-English speaking employee practicing talking to a customer.

Meat processing factory employee:  Lithuanian speaker trains on a simulation of a workplace machine breaking down.  

Why Innovative Companies Use Capeesh

You are a leader of a multicultural workforce and many of your employees are learning your company’s local language, whilst trying to work effectively.

In order to be safe and productive, they really need to understand their colleagues, and how to correctly and safely perform their job function. What’s more, the usual training methods are proving challenging due to communication issues. You struggle to ensure your employees understand how to perform their job function safely and effectively, and slow progress is made on language learning.

Language struggles are personal and it is often difficult for non native-speaking employees to let their managers know that they ‘don't understand'. For management this may become an even larger problem, because this could mean that you don't pick up on information or issues that are critical for the workplace.

This is where we help: A Capeesh course blends together language teaching and workplace training. Both are tailored specifically for your workplace.

Your non native-speaking employees receive a course that is built especially for their job function in your company. Their Capeesh course gives them gamified simulations of their regular workplace tasks. They decide how to act in situations, gain confidence speaking out loud and understanding their colleagues. If they make a mistake or a bad workplace decision, Capeesh knows this and guides them towards the correct behavior.

Their Capeesh course also teaches them the dos and don’ts of your workplace, how to be safe, and of course the language they need to communicate effectively. 

Andrea Nogva

CEO of InnovArena - Their employees use Capeesh to learn workplace Norwegian.

We use Capeesh to facilitate access to qualified labour. This helps us reach our growth ambitions in the whole ocean industry

More than 30 mother tongue languages supported

Our workplace training and language teaching courses support your employees in learning your local language no matter what their mother tongue is.

From Polish, German, Somali and Arabic, we support languages from all over the world.

Relevant content means motivated employees

Since all of your employees’ language and workplace training is connected to their role at your company, they feel highly motivated.

They see that they progress rapidly and can perform better and more safely at work after a short time. Their workplace knowledge and language skills improve in tandem.

Fully branded for your organization

The Capeesh app can be fully branded for your company, including your logo, corporate imagery and welcome message.

It's even possible to add pictures and voices straight from your workplace into your workplace simulations, if you wish. This is all at no extra cost.

Reduce health & safety risks 

If you’re looking for help with the health and safety of your language minority employees we would love to show you how. 

We hear it all the time: Many costly workplace accidents occur solely from misunderstandings or communication issues.

Often, employees can be too proud to admit that they did not understand and therefore try their best to deal with a situation, hoping that they take the correct course of action.

These workplace accidents can cost your business huge amounts of money when something goes wrong even once. Yet they can often be avoided simply by making sure that all of your staff, regardless of their background, can understand how to operate and can communicate effectively. 

When creating a Capeesh health and safety module, we sit down with managers such as yourself and identify the areas of your employees’ roles that are most important from a health and safety perspective. From this, we create simple, gamified simulations of the scenarios from your workplace, and ensure that your employees know what to do in the situation and understand the language needed to confidently speak to their colleagues.

We would love to show you how this would look for your company. Book a free demo now by clicking below and discover the easy way to save money and have a safer workplace.

Full language lessons for every skill level

In addition to your fully tailored job training courses, access is available to comprehensive language lessons for all levels, from complete beginner to advanced language lessons. Your employees can use our courses to start fresh in a language or to refine their existing skills.

In addition to your customized workplace and language training course, you can receive:

  • Hundreds of hours of language training
  • Lessons suitable for complete beginners and those looking to refine their knowledge
  • Practice of reading, writing, listening and speaking skills
  • A gamified experience that employees love

Full reporting, from individual employees to entire cohorts

Full reporting is provided at both the individual level and entire cohorts of employees from your organization. Your reports are tailored for your needs and include:

  • Amount of time spent learning 
  • The workplace skills they have practiced and mastered
  • Language that has been learnt
  • When and how often the employees use Capeesh

Reports can be created for any of your key performance indicators.

Award-winning, gamified app experience

A Capeesh course transforms your difficult training tasks into fun and gamified experiences.

Your employees unlock more lessons as they progress through their tailored course, and are encouraged to retry and try to gain the perfect score, ensuring that they learn and remember both the training and language .

Our team includes renowned game designers, who bring their extensive knowledge to the Capeesh app in order to create training and language courses experience that are compelling.

Iselin Aske

CEO, of Abdi&Aske - Her employees learn Norwegian.

What is so special with Capeesh is that our language school can receive tailored and game-based language courses based upon our own teaching materials! And it is so much fun! The students practice all on their own and enjoy the autonomous learning journey!

Winner European Union Smart Learning 2017

Winner for helping language minorities speak Norwegian

Winner - Norway 2019

Creative Cup winner for Norwegian language learning app

Winner - Norway 2019