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Capeesh is a state-of-the-art language learning service designed specifically for companies and universities. It creates language learning courses that are perfectly tailored for employees and students in their specific workplaces, allowing them to become productive in work and study as quickly as possible.


Customized for every employee’s needs and skills, no matter how niche, and accessible at any time.

Easy to use

Enable anyone to create language courses for a specific industry, company or project in seconds.


Easy-to-use and tailor-made language learning made possible at a fraction of the price.

Here’s how Capeesh tailors your experience

Create a perfectly-tailored language learning course

Language learning courses are created specifically for your employees, teaching the language needed within your industry and company, and their job role.

Employees receive the course on their Capeesh phone app

They begin learning the language they need for work or study straight away.

Track their progress

Capeesh provides your organization with reporting to see employee and student language learning progress.

What people are saying

It is so good to learn something that is actually relevant!

Ifrah, Language Learner

I really need this app, because it helps me understand each student’s unique pronunciation difficulties.

Christian hansen, Teacher at Ski adult training

This is a really fun way to learn a language, and the characters are really cute!

Weyni, Language Student at Trondheim Voksenopplæring